The modernization of the German Embassy in Washington, DC,  involves the renovation of the Chancery building Р53,819 square feet, the Sicherheit building Р5,381 square feet and the Chancery Annex building Р16,145 square feet. Services include reviews of the electrical distribution centers, controls and cooling tower, as well as full mechanical, electrical and plumbing and fire protection design services.

The mechanical design consists of coordinating the mechanical infrastructure with the German products being used throughout the buildings, coordinating the routing of ceiling piping in the computer room and providing  a fire damper for the sprinkler room.

The electrical design entails verifying the power for the elevators, coordinating the electrical infrastructure with the German products, updating the lighting plans and checking the lighting controls.

The plumbing design includes coordinating utilities with the civil engineering discipline and coordinating roof drainage with the architect.

Finally, the fire alarm design consists of adding curtain wall sprinklers at each exit, providing a fire alarm control panel and coordinating operable windows with the electrical and mechanical systems.