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Commissioning provided by JVP are applicable to both new and existing systems in a variety of building types. Whether it be through retro-commissioning or re-commissioning, our process includes investigating, analyzing and optimizing the performance of building mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems by improving their operation and maintenance to ensure their continued performance over time.

Our commissioning services can be performed to meet LEED or Green Globes requirements as well as Owner’s needs to improve the operation of their facility. Whatever the need, our commissioning services will improve energy efficiency, indoor air quality, environmental health and occupant safety by assuring the building components are properly working as intended.


JVP offers several services in addition to our MEP & Fire Protection design services. These additional services include:

• Energy Management Studies
• Prospectus Development Studies
• Conducting Surveys
• Preliminary Cost Estimates
• Preparing Specifications
• Building Evaluation Reports
• Energy Analyses
• Field Investigations
• Load Calculations
• Construction Supervision
• Preparing Construction Documents
• Life Cycle Cost Analyses


JVP Engineers, P.C. has the welfare of future generations at heart when we deliver LEED certified projects that incorporate energy efficient HVAC and electrical system designs to our clients. We believe that buildings must be operated and maintained for the security, safety, health, and comfort of its occupants, and with the understanding of the next generation’s need to reuse and recycle building components.

Our team of engineers recognizes the enormous environmental impact building construction and operation lends. JVP Engineers supports the sustainability & Green Design initiative and is continuously promoting the philosophy of creating a better environment by taking steps towards integrating the principals of green design engineering in our design process.

Our sustainable system design approach incorporates the use of cost efficient materials that are environmentally responsible and help create healthy facilities in which to live, work and enjoy entertainment.

We recommend sustainable design strategies to our clients including integrated energy-efficient HVAC systems, and Energy Star-rated products that meet strict energy-efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy.