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Mr. Losada has more than 36 years of experience in electrical design for schools, detention facilities, housing, health care facilities, and government facilities.

Senior Electrical Engineer, AssociateAnibal Losada

Born in Bogota, Colombia, in 1952, Mr. Losada found that he was skilled in math during his school years and looked for a career that involved mathematics and science. He always considered the option to study either computers or engineer. When evaluating engineering careers, he chose electrical engineering due to the evolution that the science showed at that time.

In order to financially support himself while he was studying for his degree, Mr. Losada found a part-time job in a bank managing accounts in the IBM/Burroughs mainframe computers. In May 1980, he began working in engineering at INGETEC S.A., a consulting engineer company in Bogota, Colombia, while preparing his thesis at the university. He graduated an electrical engineer in September 1981. He worked at INGETEC S.A. from May 1980 to July 2001 before receiving the opportunity to work overseas with JVP Engineers in September 2001.

Mr. Losada has more than 36 years of experience in electrical design for schools, universities, detention facilities, computer rooms, student housing, health care facilities, government facilities. When he was an engineer in Colombia, he was dedicated to industrial design for hydroelectric power plants, thermoelectric power plans, electrical substations, medium voltage electrical distributions, transmission lines, cement industrial plants, coal industrial plans.

Career Highlights – Arlington County Detention Facility: Installation of a new parallel gear and new automatic transfer switches with roll-up generator connection and fully overhaul of the existing generators.