Thinking of pursuing a career in engineering? Our leadership and engineers weigh in on the choice to be an engineer.

The Questions: Why did you decide to become an engineer and what would you say to someone who is considering a career in engineering?


Vice President/Director of Engineering

Reza Mirzai, Director of Engineering

I was one of those people who always loved to break things and take them apart ever since I was a kid. And I always liked electricity. Some people can’t decide. But I wanted to be an electrical engineer from day 1.

100% go for it. If a person is looking for being in demand, granted there are some engineering degrees where geography takes precedence, a lot of these engineers there’s demand everywhere. If you want job security and to be in demand and marketable, engineering. There’s tangible product with engineering for us that you actually see what you do and I think it’s important, as least for me, that the product is something real.

I think anyone can be an engineer. It’s hard if you want to be good at it, but with any career, whether it’s finance or English, I think it’s like a lot of things that we just give up when it gets hard. You hear stories about athletes who train and practice every day for hours, how many of us do that? No matter how much passion you have for what you’re doing, we need to practice it to get it. No matter how simple it seems, we still have to have the dedication to practice it. I think talent is important, it gets you a little more forward than just passion, but you also have to have the dedication. And with engineering, you just have to grind through it, grind through it, grind through it. Anyone can do it.


Chief Mechanical Engineer

David Kincaid, Chief Mechanical Engineer

My father owned and operated a welding and machine shop and I worked there on weekends and during summers. Being involved in that industry led to my decision to pursue a career in mechanical engineering. I looked toward using my expertise to assist with machine design and other systems and approaches for my father’s business.

I would encourage [a career in engineering]. It’s not the get rich quick career. You have to earn your spurs. You have to gain experience. It’s rewarding and it can be frustrating but it’s more rewarding than frustrating because you are able to create to design something that is beneficial to the community.




J. Vicente Pedraza, President & Founder

Science and mathematics were my forte through high school. My brother was engineer and I helped him in the summer and on vacation, so I would get a tiny bit involved and I liked it. Working with my brother’s firm through school for HVAC and plumbing led me into that trade.

Don’t think about a job because of the money. Think about a job because you’re going to enhance your knowledge and because you’re going to be helpful; helping individuals in the engineering profession to really think to make sure you put the best engineering into whatever you do. Be the best. Be dedicated to it because it takes time to form a career. Make sure you care about it.


Rene HolderRene Holder, Electrical Engineer

I chose engineering as my profession because of my capability and proficiency in the Math and Physics subject areas in high school. My interest in building LEGO structures when I was younger might have also contributed to my decision.

I would say go for it. A career in engineering is very rewarding professionally, socially and financially. In addition, a degree in engineering provides the best foundation to grow into any career that you wanted to pursue. I have friends who graduated with an engineering degree who then successfully pursued careers in medicine, business, teaching, law, IT and many others.



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